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Bets & Black Books : Vices Book Two

Don't ever owe the mob.

Years ago, someone killed teenager Billie Reed’s aunt. Slick attorney Leo Diamond got the accused off, but the real killer was never found. Billie didn’t get justice, and it’s haunted Leo ever since.

Now Billie's back in Sharpsville, all grown up and gorgeous. And on the run. She stole evidence linking a mob boss to a heinous crime and is taking it to the FBI— unless the mob finds her first. Or unless Billie’s secret sabotages her plan.

Leo can finally make it up to Billie for what happened years ago. He will get her to the Feds in one piece.
There’s only one problem. Leo owes the mobster a favor, and the guy has called it in. Bring Billie back. Or else.

235 pages, Kindle Edition

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