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About Nikki

Nikki Brock grew up in Tennessee narrating her life in one form or another. Not believing she could become a Real Life Writer (who does that?), she married her real life hero, moved to the Midwest, programmed computers, marketed for an accounting firm, became a graduate student, taught in college, moved to the Northeast, and then became a mom. The wife and mom gigs were by far the best. But she never stopped composing stories in her head, and one day she actually wrote one down. When not writing she can be found drinking coffee, the elixir of life, going to estate sales, or binge-watching television shows involving British accents. She loves to read anything and nurses an unhealthy obsession with containers of all sizes. She lives in the Mississippi Delta with her real life hero, two wonderful sons, and two lovely and talented dogs in a diva of an old house which always needs something involving writing checks and which is home to a ghost who smokes.


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She loves hearing from readers. Visit her online:


Twitter: @NikkiBrockWrite


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